Shipping and Delivery

Treatment time

All products are handled in 0-1 days. Same day if order is placed by noon or next day.
Delivery time
All items are delivered within 1 - 2 days of placing your order by BRT Courier or TNT Express. Once your order is confirmed, expect an email with tracking information that will be sent once your order is shipped.

All are delivered by our Magazino from Italy

Track Your Package




Get a real-time shipping quote for your international order on the checkout page. These rates are based on size, weight, and value, so they can vary widely. We will ship items via Fed ex/DHL or a similar courier that includes a tracking number. Orders outside Italy may be slightly delayed due to unforeseen circumstances.
Please note that any customs, duties or taxes are the responsibility of the buyer and will not be included in the purchase price.
Missing items:
In the event that your order has not reached your address, it is most likely that it is either missing or stuck in customs clearance or the courier has made a mistake.
Please deliver it at least 24-48 hours after the scheduled delivery time, there may be a possibility that it is a bug in their system and is still being delivered.
After 48 hours, write to us on our support email here: in case you still have not received the item, our team will solve the problem within 12-24 hours.

Delivery options

Unfortunately, it is not possible to deliver the package to a pickup/package pickup location.

Unfortunately, we do not offer express shipping or any other faster shipping method.

All orders from our online store is delivered free of charge above a value of 60 euros.

This applies to both products ordered from our online store

No, of course, We offer scheduled delivery. 

Thank you for being interested in our store!

We use multiple couriers for our shipments and they are chosen based on the quantity or type of products you purchased and the destination to which the order is being shipped.

BRT Parcel Express Courier / TNT Express

We ship throughout Italy including islands.

Note: We do not ship to the locations mentioned. Additional payments cannot be made for shipping to these locations.

Didn't find the island or other part of the country you were looking for?

Delivery problems

We are sorry to learn that your item is damaged. You can get in touch with our Customer Service . They can help you with your request. If you are also able to share detailed pictures, we can help you as quickly as possible.

We are sorry to hear that there are missing parts for your product and would like to help you. Contact our customer service department To solve your problem.

If parts of your product are missing, you can easily identify and request the missing parts through your account Grill & BBQ.

Go Up "My orders." and click the button "Download parts list."

20-08-11_Guest-Registered-users-FIN_guest-user-master.png Have you placed an order as a guest?
You can get in touch with the our Customer Service Department, they can help you.

We are sorry to learn that you did not receive a completed order. It is possible that you were not at home when the courier tried to deliver the package to you.

They could having left it with a neighbor Or at a package store. Through the tracking link you can see where your package was delivered. You can find the information on the tracking portal in your e-mail. The courier usually leaves a note as well.

Contact our customer service When the package is still missing and you have not received any note from the courier.

In very rare cases, we cannot deliver a product and have to cancel an order.

The most common reasons are as follows:

  • The article is sold out
  • Our seller does not Was able to confirm your order
  • The information On the address are unclear or incorrect

We are sorry to learn that your tracking number is not working. You can check the monitoring portal for the latest information. You can find the monitoring portal information in the YOUR EMAIL.

Your tracking code will be activated Within 24 hours. When you order multiple items within an order, you may have different delivery times. The same is true for products that are shipped in multiple packages; you will receive a tracking number per package.

You can find the most accurate information in the e-mail from confirmation of the order and shipment, the tracking status is included in this email. If after 24 hours tracking number is not yet activated, contact us.

We are sorry to learn that you have not received a completed order. We aim to send out orders as soon as possible. Sometimes this means that the package will arrive in separate parts.

You can track the delivery of various packages in the tracking portal. Delivery information is displayed Within 24 hours. You can find the monitoring portal information in the YOUR EMAIL.

If no information is displayed in your monitoring portal within 72 hours, contact the our customer service.

Delivery status

Your purchase will be shipped Within 2 working days after receipt of payment. You will receive an email with a tracking link as soon as the item is ready for shipment.

As soon as we begin processing your order, you will receive an email with an order tracking link. With this link you can track the status of your order in real time in Grill & BBQ's tracking portal

You can also find this information in the yours account.

You didn't get the email? Check to see if the email is in your spam folder.

You can easily view the status of the shipment in your KROKI account

You can see the status of your shipment in your email. Included in this email is a tracking status, the "track your order." redirects you to the status of your order.

You will receive an automatically generated email with tracking link as soon as we begin processing your order. The tracking link will allow you to monitor the status of your order in real time in the tracking portal.

You can also find monitoring information in the yours account. If you have not yet received the tracking link, please check our spam folder.

We would like to send your order to you as soon as possible. Sometimes this may mean that an order is shipped in multiple packages.

In monitoring portal you can check the status of your order and various packages. You can find the tracking portal information in the YOUR EMAIL. The monitoring portal is updated Within 24 hours.

Shipping details

When you have already placed an order, it is no longer possible to change your address. Please contact our customer service.

No, only the person whose name is on the package can pick it up.

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