Who we are

We are official distributors of the Ewa Eco Wood Art Italia brand. Mechanical models in the form of builder to assemble by yourself (without glue and special tools), puzzles, toys, souvenirs and corporate gifts made from natural materials.
In an increasingly hurried world, we decided to bring family and friends together to spend quality time by assembling a jigsaw.
Our values are family, health and nature.
If there is a culture of solving the puzzle together in every family, against the backdrop of deep and authentic communication, it will mean that our mission will be accomplished.
Research conducted by neurosurgeons and psychology professors has demonstrated the beneficial effects of puzzles on brain health and human behavior.
Sustainable material and care for nature is one of our concerns. The pieces are made of wood and assembly is done without a single drop of glue.
More and more adults are aware of these advantages and are choosing to make puzzles an affordable and interesting hobby. And that makes us happy!
The pandemic has taught us the true value of communication and meeting loved ones. So don't hesitate: choose your favorite puzzle and live life beautifully!
Our belief is that "Beauty will save the world!" And in the age of technology and robotics, creating something beautiful with your own hands is like flying through the sky with your own wings.

Without Cola